Commercials as of Late

Hi, I'm an advertising major, I like advertisements. I'm one of those. Here are some of my under-grad, I-don't-know-what-I'm-talking-about, yet-still-freaking-important, opinions.

1. This one I have actually never seen on TV, but I saw it on Facebook. It tugs my lil <3 strings.

Running ads tend to be my favorites. One of my favorite quotes is from a Nike print ad.
The image is just a typical running ad picture, but the quote is PHENOM.  
Did the copywriters write this? Did they get it from a philosopher? You go Nike writers. There was actually a phase in my life that the quote was on a post it on my bathroom mirror. "Make yourself" takes on 2 meanings here, and I just think it's genius, possibly copywriters are totally underrated and don't get enough credit, but whatever, I just like wordz.

2. Here we have a commercial reaching out to all the minorities. Easy, breezy, beautiful, cOvErGuRl

Ellen absolutely MAKES this commercial. "No one understands you." LOL. I'm a heterosexual white girl, and it even makes me want to wear Covergirl. Or at least watch the commercial. I actually don't use Covergirl make up. anywho....

3.  Okay this is where you lose me....

Ughhh to Sensa and uuugghhh to this commercial. Who's idea was it to use the "shake shake shake" song?? You are SoOOoOOoOOoo original..............................................

ALSO. What the ef is in that Sensa powder?? What is the deal??? Sprinkling dirt will also make you lose your appetite AND DIRT IS FREE PEOPLE.


I literally started buying Oiko's yogurt after seeing this. Not because I think it's hilarious, but because "it is possibly the best tasting greek yogurt in the world" or at least in the apparent taste test. Sorry Chobani. I just love how the people in this  are so normal looking. This is what normal, non-celebs, non-models, look like. And the part when the blonde screams, "COME BACK!" is priceless. The 15 second version is not as good.

That's all I got. Other than The Campaign trailers are literally making me convulse in teary-eyed laughter.

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