Elie Saab IN BROAD DAYLIGHT: Pre Fall '13

why, YES, i DID make this ass collage on Photoshop BY MYSELF in the confines of THE TEXAS TECH LIBARARY

My favorites of the collection. SHEER PANEL INSERTS, I'M HYPERVENTILATING

WhItE HaWt

Can't. Breathe. 

Saab introduces clothes that can be worn at an event that doesn't involve a red carpet. WOAH. If Gossip Girl wasn't over, I might even stretch to say that we would see that Tom Fordesque cape shirt graze the shoulders of Blaire Waldorf herself.

My favorite spring trend is monochromatic outfits. I might be ashamed to admit that my pants don't match my shirt or my shoes as I type this. It needs to become all of our new year's resolution to dress monochromatically (that may or may not be a word), and for lent, we all need to give up block-color dressing.

But spring trends will be discussed in a later blog post, because right now, the important thing is to gawk at Saab's daylight wear. Saab is one of the only designers I stalk on style.com, and while his S2013RTW and S2013CTR collections did not disappoint, I just kind of can't handle what 2013PF brought to the table. Maybe one day he'll pull a Missoni and whip up a Target collection. I both hope and absolutely do not hope that he does so.

HAVE A SAABULOUS DAY~~!~!~~!~!~! see that i did threre

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