Move over Brangelina and Jay-Beyonce. Hollywood has a new power couple in the house. Welcome Brody Jenner and Avril Lavigne to the list. I personally love this classic scenario of popular cute boy sick of dating blonde skanks with no soul (EXCEPT YOU, LC) and sees the petite girl with pink streaks in her hair scowling at the world Bella Swan style. Popular cute boy immediate becomes fascinated by the white beater, black bra, and black skinny tie. She's complicated and just wants him to laugh out when you strike a pose, take off, all your preppy clothes.

I'm personally fond of Avril, she was a major influence on my angsty hate the world teen years, and for that I am eternally grateful.

And then there's Brody. He has the face of a delicate angel-prince but other than that I have no effing idea why he is famous. I mean your dad was an Olympic athlete, what have you ever done for America, Brody??? Besides date the cast of Laguna Beach between bromances?????

I'm particularly curious as to how these two completely opposite-sides-of-the-cafeteria people met. I mean we all know that Avril went through a "What the hell" phase, after her divorce from Derek Whibley of Sum41. In the end, he was a sk8r boi and she said see ya l8r boi.

Her attitude says she doesn't care if you love her hate her or date her, and maybe that's what Brody can't get enough of. He's used to girls just melting around him. Well he finally found that pink streaked girl that for lack of better words DGAFs about his face. How COULDN'T he fall in love????????

I think America is ready for a Keeping Up with Bravril and hopefully Bravril takes Miami and Bravril Fairytale Wedding soon follows. I want Bravil to have an unplanned pregnancy, their own line at Sears, and awkward Shape Up commercials during the Superbowl.

My last and final aspiration for Bravril is the family Christmas card flipping the bird.

And I don't mean turtledoves.

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