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Lately I feel my blog has been a little dangy (enunciated dayne-gee). Dangy is a word I fabricated, a cross between "mangey" and "dingy." Sort of like "blories" a word I made up for a series of busy body activities. Ex: Sorry I was caught up in blories, and couldn't text you back.

ANYWAY, I created "runswithlipstick" because although it's not my major, or chosen career path, I love fashion, trends, style, beauty, brands, shoes, ruffles, and designer bios. I needed an outlet for that. Oh, and I like to write.

Taking notes from other style blogs, I thought about posting pictures of myself on the reg of my outfits... Yeah that is definitely not me. No one cares about my norts and kappa tees. Furthermroe, the 7 of you who keep up with this revolutionary blog can see my SaSsSyY outfits on Facebook, because Lord knows I be mobile snappin' and uploadin' that sh*t on the frequent.

So although I already had a blog, outrageouslyruby, which was sort of like a purposeless entity just summarizing events in my life (speeding tickets, fat girls, the usual), I didn't think it had the right "brand image" (advertising major) for a "style" blog . Thus was born runswithlipstick.

What does runs with lipstick even mean???? Who actually does that, runs with lipstick on? Stupid. In making up this blog name, I kind of did the play on words trick... like runs with scissors??? Sharp objects? People are scared of sharp things--people are scared to wear lipstick? Is anyone following?? Maybe my random mind connections will serve me well in the advertising industry one day. Oh wait, copywriters make squat, that's right. That's why there's Ross.

So I made a new blog, but kept the old. One is rubies the other is gold (?) Then when I wanted to write about daily events in my life, and not fashion, I felt awkward because it's like wait, should I use outrageouslyruby to post this? Or should I just post it in runswithlipstick? Should I make a tab in my new blog for posts unrelated to fashion? Why am I over thinking this, no one reads them any? It all just became exhausting and now I'm in this limbo between two blogs, one that has daily life occurrences (old ones) and one that has fashion topics with daily life occurrences. It's all so... so meh.

But lately, I've been noticing this new shiny lipstick blog take a turn for the worse. I'm not posting as much, and evidently all I do is shop for bargains. It's just a little boring. It's going through a drought. A wall of dust with 74 mph winds is blowing through my dry flat lipstick blog. Sound familiar Lubbock residents?

I suppose the main reasons I've been lackluster in my bloggage surround college and everything that comes with it. I have been socializing more than usual. Going out slash being hungover more than usual. Not to mention, this semester I'm in 2 writing classes, so I feel like all I do is write 2000 word essays. Plus I recently became the contributing editor for The Odyssey. Which is a campus newspaper I write little weekly diddys for. Needless to say, my fingers have been setting my mac keyboard to fire even though I have been slacking in the blog department. BUT I VOW TO MAKE TIME FOR IT. And working out. maybe.

So here is my promise to write COMPELLING, HEART-RACING, JUMP-OUT-OF-YOUR-SKIN, MAKE-YOU-WANNA-WEAR-A-LEOTARD, type posts. Maybe if I'm feeling particularly pity one day, then I'll post a picture of myself in a "don't-you-wish-you-were-me" outfit just like so many of the other style blogs I read.

With that said, I kind of just want give do a quick little list of my favorite "I-Wish-I-Were-Her" blogs that I obsessively follow. click on the titles.

1) romans-122.com It's like retarded how pretty this girl is. And she lives in the LBK, getting a degree at Tech as well, which is cool.

2) www.9to5chic.com. This woman lives in San Francisco and you would think that she was a prominent stylist or boutique owner by the looks of her BUT NO. She is just naturally cunning and chic all the time. (or at least from 9 to 5)

3) atlantic-pacific.blogspot.com This blog is where depression and self-esteem issues really start to kick in. This girl does work in the fashion industry though, so it does ever so slightly make me feel a little better that she has greater access to the best and latest clothes. Her closet must be RUH-DIC-U-LUSS. Her style/pictures/life makes my life look dangy.

4) ambersnotebook.com This is another girl that lives the dream. Her social life is like a cross between Carrie Bradshaw and Holly Golightly. Yet, I like that she's not too cool to show off the fact that her shoes are from Target. She werqs it.

5) fashiontoast.com I'm pretty sure that her blog is the top followed blog on bloglovin'. And THERE IS A REASON. She has the coolest hair, and outfits I wouldn't have dreamed to put together and she makes it all look so effortless. It really is unfair.

6) manrepeller.com I have also grown fond of this sassy blog. The girls are bold and daring enough to try out ANY trend. I mean, ANY trend. Like, wear leotards in public, type stuff. Also love their whole "man-repeller" theme goin' on.

Well there you have it. I am off to a meeting for a volunteer organization I am in. (See I am at least a little busy).

Happy Tuesday Shoesday!!!!!

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