Weekend in Pictures

Taking my dad's dog, Patriot, out for ice cream after a jog at the beach.

This is funny to me because I drive through Muleshoe to see my boyfriend.

Me and cardboard Beiber.

My house has the coolest shelves!

This bookcase is from the house my mom grew up in. It has the coolest pictures of old relatives, and old books and newspapers.

Kappa Kupcakes from a movie night at the lodge

Found this in my bathroom

Lil Patriot taking a dip in the Pecos

New earrings

Found a great leopard cardigan and brown sparkly romper in my mom's old closet, that I may or may not have to steal one of these days.

Cute poster

My mom's senior picture. HOW BEAUTIFUL, RIGHT???

Old cook book, that has no doubt been present at many a Neal dinner party.

Beach jog.

My sister's friend met Kris Jenner at Neimans in Vegas, and NOT the cardboard version.


My next blog is goig to be about faux fur vests that I made!!!!!


  1. ummm. awesomeeee pics for REAL!! so were you just feeding dogs ice cream cones all weekend or what :)

  2. Love the pics...especially of the bookshelves. Patriot has gotten so big--cute puppy. Had fun shopping with ya at Beall's with Bieber.

  3. Love it! I am working up the courage to tweet Kris now. (don't want to be a creepy fan....keeping it real) And your mom's closet would be amazing to go through- I need that leopard cardi now.



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