Comfort Zones

Finals week: cleaned the house, re-decorated the coffee table, used lemon zest as an ingredient for the first time, and have tons of new "study" songs. Oh, and now I'm blogging. I guess I can get away with a little "free time" stuff because, basically, this has been the EASIEST end-of-the-semester I've ever had. Just 3 finals and 2 group projects (that are done already). I always do kind of a wrap up blog entry of sorts, just blah blah about how the semester went by fast, I don't want to be a senior, and I can't find a meme to describe the pains of being a college senior. Here is last semester's end-of-the-semester diddy.

Reading over last semester's entry makes me think about 2011. It was such a wonderful year for me. Best memories ever. I love college. Blah blah blah boring blog post blah blah, and then I started thinking about 2012. This year has been good too, but I have a feeling that 2012 is about getting out of my comfort zone. It's about growing up.

Along with other major life changes, I turned 21. I don't know why being 21 is an entire different entity in my mind than being 20, but to me it is. I put 21 up on a pedestal. Mental block about being 21, an adult, and mature. Not sure how I feel about it. I loved being a freshman in college because you can get away with ANYTHING and the only explanation you need is "Meerrr, I'm a freshman in college" and everyone gets it. "I'm 21, and a senior in college" leaves no room for frivolity. It's about getting your sh!!!!!t together and not saying "Moving back in with my parents" when people ask what the post-grad plans are. Being a freshman in college was a comfort zone. Even being 20 was a comfort zone. 21????? Uncomfortable.

I feel like 2012, for me, is about changing and growing up. I'm studying abroad this summer and I'm excited, nervous, and I know it's going to change my life. At least that's what past study-abroaders have told me. Flying across the world, before even getting to the destination, is a terrifying feat to me. I hate flying by myself. It is 8 levels of uncomfortable for me. But I'll be acquainted with 5 different airports when it's all said and done. I guess thats a plus? I'm not going abroad with any friends. Uncomfortable. Meeting all new people. Sometimes in Spanish. Definitely a new experience. Trying not to get pick-pocketed on the busy city streets. Uncomfortable. Living without a blow dryer for a month, UNCOMFORTABLE. lolz

I didn't have a job in my last semester of 2011, but I applied for a responsibility-laden position in 2012. I underwent an extremely rigorous interview process, and landed myself a paid internship. I became so comfortable not having to report to anyone, not having anywhere to be at any time, that the whole internship thing is a little intimidating. A job that isn't retail???? Nothing to do with clothes??? Uncomfortable.

I know I can handle all of these life changes, but it's weird looking back *cue sentimental music* and thinking about how fast things have changed this semester, and mostly out of the blue. Life gets uncomfortable, and fast. If I've learned anything, I've learned that. And to not sell your books back to Red & Black. Some of the rocks that I've been leaning on are gone, and it's uncomfortable, and forcing me to change. When I get all weird introspective/gushy and reflective, I like to recall certain lyrics from a song that my sister often blogs about. 

The more I know, the less I understand
All the things I thought I knew, I'm learning them again
I've been tryin' to get down to the Heart of the Matter

That is just good stuff right there. Bloody brilliant, as Harry Potter would say. There are more touching lyrics to that song, but I'm trying to keep the cheese factor at a level 2.

I once heard a quote that was something to the effect of "Do one uncomfortable thing every day." I don't know who said that, but it's been hitting home for me lately.  Except, more like every other week.

I think this weather is getting to me.

Dreary-ASS London weather + 
Roommate out of town +
Free time
 = Sappy blog post

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