DIY Hi-low Dress

$118, BCBG
Hi-low dresses have been the trend for a while now, and it has definitely caught on with the masses. AKA most of them are pretty expensive. But you don't have to give up going out to eat for a month to afford one.... make your own. I spent about 30 minutes in a second hand store today, picked up some maxi dresses, and did work with some fabric scissors when I got home. 

The dresses were all less than $10. 
You will not find a Hi-low dress online or in-store for 
less than $10. 
You just won't. 

If you need help/advice with vintage shopping Click Here. 

Step One
When you buy the dresses at a second hand store, focus on the fabric/pattern. If it's a timeless solid black, polka dot, or solid color, then it will most likely look like you bought it from a department store after you've re-made it. As opposed to if you buy a dated, or blatantly 80s pattern, then it will just look "vintage." Meh.
The basic black maxi dress. Perfect for DIY's.

Step Two
Try on the dress and use a washable pen to mark how short you're going to cut it. Take the dress off and cut one side at a time, trying to make the sides as even as possible. If you're crafty-mc-shmafty, then hem the edges. I probably won't. Let's just say I didn't make the highest grade in clothing construction. #ADMlife #droppedthatmajor

Ta Da!
Make a turban with the scraps of the dresses, like the middle pic.

There are two ways you can cut the dress. 

  • By cutting straight up the side hems, and a straight line across  your legs, like this dress. 
    • $208, shopbop.com
  • Or, by rounding out the cut to an angle so it looks like this one.
    • $195, shopbop.com

Don't forget to top off your hi-low dress with a flower crown!!!!!!

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