Casual Tuesday Thoughts

  • Kimye is pregnant and Khloemar is suicidal
  • In June of 2012, I posted a status saying everyone should use the Foursquare app. In June 2012, I stopped using the Foursquare app. 
  • I'm obsessed with pomegranates. Do you eat the seeds within the seeds? I honestly don't know. 
  • Kissing in the rain seems really cold. There is no way it's enjoyable like they make it seem in the movies. No way.
  • I refuse to buy into the theory of snapchat. YOU CAN SEND PICTURES WITHOUT IT. I KNOW WHAT SNAPCHAT IS REALLY FOR...............................................
  • I saw Django last week and REALLY liked it which is REALLY weird to hear coming from me. I don't usually like violent movies, but I do like westerns, and this movie had rap music, which was both off putting and extremely enjoyable. The KKK scene with Jonah Hill made me almost cry, laughing so hard. 
  • GO SEE THIS IS FORTY. It's vulgar, but soooooo hilarious. The scene when Maude Apatow throws a fit in her closet, yelling like a psycho about how she has nothing to wear and nothing fits is the epitome of being an angsty teenager. It was beautiful. 
  • Still haven't seen Les Mis *cries*
  • A few blogs ago, I named my favorite beauty products. I mentioned the Loreal fit brand as my favorite blush and bronzer. I WOULD NOW LIKE TO VIOLENTLY RETRACT THAT STATEMENT. The lids break off too easily and I bought the wrong colors, which isn't Loreal's fault, but I bought Covergirl blush and bronzer and not likely to go back to the Loreal FIT brand, that is all. 
  • Watching Dance Moms, and Abbey Lee just told a 10  year old dancer girl to talk in a lower pitched voice. LOL???????????
  • What is the deal with Nikki Minaj judging American Idol???? Why don't they just ask me to judge????? 
  • I have been using Spotify on my deactived iPhone. It works without wifi because I use Spotify Premium, and can listen to songs offline. THEREFORE--am I being charged on my account for internet??? I really don't know. If you know the answer, holler. IT'S DEACTIVATED. THERE IS NO WAY, RIGHT????????
  • I accidentally bought like 97835935748 magazines this month.

"So I called your daughter roadkill. Get over it lady. Let it go." -Abbey Lee

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