Donni Charm Spring '13 Trunk Show

Scarves in my spring trunk show 

Trunk Show Donni Charm

WEEEEEEE spring trunk show!!! These are the scarves and colors that I will have for y'all. Echo is sold out online, but don't worry, mama's got it. A lot of these only have 1 or 2 left online, and they will most likely be sold out by the time my trunk show rolls around--which is why campus reps (aka me, hi) are so fun! Not to mention, discounts I can provide if you're a student at Tech. YAY~!~.

A lot of people ask me what my favorite scarves are.
For my spring trunk show, my favorites have to be zen together, bella and echo. I like to stick to the signature donni charm earthy-tones when it comes to my personal style, but I am a sucker for the lilac and pistachio colors of the bella scarves.

If you have a soft spot for lace, you will die for donni charm divine. I ordered a forever divine in white, which is an infinity-scarf version of the divine. Donni divine is also the only scarf available in desert rose, and I love that color.

One of my best sellers in my fall trunk show was the donni karma. I own it myself, and it's a reversible light blue/taupe light, fringe scarf. It's considered a "classic" for donni charm, and I had to bring it back for spring.

All of these are made of really light materials, so they won't weigh you down or make you hot this spring/summer. I've seen a lot of girls transform their scarf into a head piece for Coachella, or tie it to their beach bag/purse.

Jewelry in my spring trunk show

Donni Charm trunk show-jewels

All the jewelry I ordered for my fall trunk show sold out the fastest. I thought I'd bring back the best sellers (wrap) in new colors, and include some of the spring collection jewelry. Donni Charm also recently came out with hair ties--WITH CUTE LITTLE WING CHARMS, of course.

My favorite item in their jewelry line this spring has to be donni groove. I mean, I ordered it in three colors.  

Ways to wear it
donni charm inspo

Notice the new donni charm muscle tanks in this picture! The yellow and sand-ish colored tanks, shown above, are the latest tee style in donni charm's spring '13 line. Super light-weight and easy-to-layer. Great for traveling or beach days.

If you know you want to buy one of the scarves or jewelry items before my trunk show (mid april), please leave a comment or text me! I'm getting the shipment in later this week and will have a trunk show soon after!

I ordered some scarves in a few different colors, but other than that there will only be one scarf in each style! AKA tell me ASAP so I can hold it for you. 

Look out for a Facebook event for the trunk show! :>

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