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Sorry about my lack of blogging, huge fan base (hi sister and two friends). I am back to school and the internet in my apartment is TERRIBLE. The other day I started a blog about my favorites from the Golden Globes but the internet was so bad, the Irish blood in me started boiling and I couldn't find the patience within to continue. Maybe I'll get that up at some point in time. Anyways. On this lazy Saturday, after having a minor ordeal getting my keys locked in my car at the gym, I find myself on my computer drowning in a world of fashion blogs and Pinterest. I just wanted to share a few things I found including Jenna Marbles' diet, a new blog obsession, here and there's and whatnots.

1. <new blog obsession>
I found this blog through another blog, and it's all downhill from there. This girl is 8 kinds of interesting. I like her opinions, especially those about trends she is excited for in 2012, and those that she is glad are gone. I also love how she calls the "sock bun" the "blogger bun."
Click this pic to read about trends she is looking forward to--READ IT!!
Click this pic to see trends she is glad to see go.. definitely will inspire a closet clean out!!!

This blog in general is just great inspiration. She has had it for about 3 years and said it is finally where she wants it to be. Maybe my blog will magically be cool in 3 years? Maybe.... I also cannot stress enough how I urge all of you to read her posts about trends^^^^^^that conveniently put up there for you to click^^^^^^.

2. <vegan diet>
Jenna Marbles

I just think it is interesting to find out what people eat. I 'm one of those weird people. Thanks pinterest. And no I am by no means considering going vegan. GAWD no. LAWD no. This diva needs her chicken. And shrimp. And tacos. And cheese. I just keep happening to stumble upon vegan crap??

Which brings me to.....

Lookbook Cookbook

This blog is centered around fashion and vegan food. Yet I am mostly drawn to the pictures of models eating, thinking, "Oh yeah, that is exactly what I look like eating spinach cheesecake in a sheer top." Really though, It is interesting because have you ever heard of a vegan fashion blog???? Not I. Consider it added to my "Blogs I heart" Pinterest board. And my bloglovin list. Oh and my blogger following list.

3. <2012 Color Trends>

Click one of ze pics and read this article by Refinery29. I always have my eyes out for any article that says "TREND" in big letters. I'm all over that. I'm 20 after all. R29 absolutely never fails me in trend blogs. I recommend you take a glance at their predictions for what will be huge in 2012.

Well I hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!
Time to go nap, read more blogs, and eat  do homework and clean...

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  1. Aww I love that you love my blogs- I am sorry those picsa aren't working, you should grab some ones that are :) xx



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