Instagram Obsession

On many occasions throughout the day I can be found somewhere alone in a public setting, snapping pictures of something stupid with my iPhone. This is commonly known as instagram, and even more commonly known as "that idiot who thinks he/she is a photographer." I am that idiot.

*walks across campus* "Ooooo a tree with no leaves!" *whips out iPhone*
*driving along 19th* "Ooooo pity sunset!" *snaps pic of sunset, swerving*
*cleans room* "Well, this will never happen again." *takes a picture*

Here are some of my recent instagrams...

The only downside of instagram is that it has disturbingly turned me into one of those people that takes pictures of their eyes. #nerdy #badselfportraits

Feel free to be obsessed with me, @sassy_neal



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