Pinterest Overdrive

Call it "winter break," call it "jobless," call it "no homework," call it "nothing to do; nowhere to be," call it anything you want, but I have been pinning OUT THE WAZZOO lately. It's madness. So much out there to pin to plan my wannabe dream life, so little time. Since it's the beginning of January, and everyone and in the world, along with their resolutions, is pinning health/fitness things, my "Hot Bod" board has grown greatly. (most interesting blog post ever, I know) And I've even added a board recently: Blogs I Heart. In which I, you guessed it, pin blogs that I heart.

Just thought I'd share some insight into my world of pinning.
My "Hot Bod" board...
click here.
Kourtney Kardashian!

My "Fashion Snob" board

Now go set the world on fire with all of your newfound motivation.

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