How to wear fair isle leggings

How to wear fair isle leggings

Fair Isle leggings. They are kind of weird. Growing up, "DO NOT WEAR HORIZONTAL STRIPES" is drilled into our heads. So donning horizontal patterns on our legs just seems blasphemous and savage. However, ever since these fair isle leggings have hit the lookbooks, they've been admired... but feared of! I say throw away the horizontal rule (and the no brown with black rule while you're at it) and wear these suckers.

Recently a friend asked me advice on what to wear with hers, so I thought I'd write a post with outfit inspo for this hard-to-wear garment.

I like the idea of layering a fitted, belted dress over the leggings. This is more conservative and could work with the right pair of heels. I found those fringe wedge booties and grew very fond immediately.

The second look is probably what I'd be most likely to wear. Classic oversized "bat" top with moccasins and a cool feather necklace. Very easy and comfortable. I would even wear that to class (or to shop, or get coffee, or go on a date, or the movies, or out to eat, or to a casual work environment, or to travel to the moon in).

The third and middle look is fun. Leather shorts, a graphic sweater, and a good ol' pair of Lita's. Wildfox has the best graphic tees and sweaters.

I love the 4th look, and I think it'd look great on a tall skinny creature. High waisted leggings with a crop fringe top and sleek riding boots. Very boho. But also kind of preppy. A wee scandalous.

Then the last look. I will find any excuse to slap a pair of high-waisted denim shorts with something. Paired with a cropped sweater that is longer in the back, and combat boots, this would be perfect for the edgy girl. Or at least the girl who likes to think she is edgy. How cute would that be with a leather jacket??

Here are some other outfit inspos you might consider.

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  1. Love this post! So many people style these wrong... your suggestions look great! =)

    <3 Frock Stock



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