Small Town Problems

Tuesday. 11:00 AM.
     Just like any other day, I woke up to texts, Facebook notifications, tweets, and Instagram likes (I know, I'm kind of a big deal). Two of the texts I read were from two friends of mine saying "Lunch, Pizza Inn, noon." Shortly after waking up and reading those texts, those two friends called me one right after the other. And I ignored their calls one right after the other. Then texted them back confirming the impromptu plans.

Getting dressed for a day of friends, errands, and pizza, I found myself at a lack of clean clothes and creativity. I realized the only clean clothes I have are maxi skirts, asymmetrical skirts, lacy shorts....  AKA things that don't make sense in a small town. Being the person that I am, I proceed to throw on a purple maxi skirt and navy vintage sweater. And belted it. I thought I looked very "fashion blogger" but I probably should've saved this "sweater + maxi" trend for Lubbock or maybe a nonexistent future trip to Boston--BECAUSE THIS TRENDY FABULOUS OUTFIT DID NOT GO OVER WELL IN MY PO'DUNK TOWN.

Vintage sweater & purse, F21 maxi skirt, HM belt, F21 sunglasses

Here we have the Instagram version of my outfit. Now, let us recap the comments on this outfit.

*Friend walks into my room* "What are you wearing? Don't answer that. Are you ready?"
*Dad sees me for the first time that day* "You look like a Mennonite."
*Boyfriend takes the Instagram picture* "You look like a Muslim."

THERE YOU HAVE IT. Poor little misunderstood stylish girl spending the last few days of her winter break in a small lil town.

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